Protective cap
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Protective cap

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Dimensions: 23 х 4,2 mm
Amount in a package: 200 pieces.
Weight of packing: 0,1 kg

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Product Description

Branded plastic protective cap for keramoplast roofing material comes with roofing nails.

They are designed for mounting roofing sheets of all types of profiles (“corrugation “, “corrugation with a capillary groove”, “oblique corrugation “, “cascade” and “tile”).

The protective caps are produced on the plant for keramoplast manufacturing on a separate process line from the low density polyethylene in the same color as the roofing sheets.

Our branded protective caps retain their protective properties in a very wide temperature range.

Protective cap includes the cap and the skirt of the cap with a hole for a nail or screw.

The cap is designed to protect the grooved (galvanized) roofing nails against corrosion.

The skirt of the cap protects against leakage through the hole through which the nail fastens the roofing sheet or accessories (wind board, ridge) to the roof sheathing.

Before using, the roofing nail (or screw) is threaded into the hole of a cap skirt.

The nail is hammered so that the nail head is snug against the skirt of the cap. It is important not to punch a nail in more than necessary, not to deform the skirt of the hat. If the nail is not properly punched in or is punched so that the skirt of the hat is deformed – the protective cap will not close.

After the nail is hammered, cover the skirt with a cap and press it until it clicks.

Clicking is a sign that the protective cap is installed correctly.


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