Wind board
Wind board

Wind board

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Length: 1230 mm
Wing Width: 150 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Weight:  3.3 + 0.2 kg
Specific gravity: 1.5 kg/l (1 sq.m is 2 times lighter than asbestos cement slate)

Color: red, brown, terracotta

Wind boards are mounted:

– on the end parts of the roof

– on the pediments of the dormer windows.

When mounted on the end parts, wind boards protect the roof against ingress of moisture and hide mounting structures.

When mounted on the pediments of the dormer windows, they improve their aesthetic appearance.

Wind board is mounted successively with overlaps (5-10 cm) along the edge of end parts: one wing is placed on the roofing sheets; the second one is attached to the end roof beam.

It is fastened with 6 screws

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Product Description

Wind strap (wind board) is included in the mounting set of keramoplast roofing material

Together with keramoplast roofing sheets of all profiles ( “corrugation “, “corrugation with a capillary groove”, “oblique corrugation “, “cascade” and “tile”), you can buy the necessary branded accessories for roof mounting.

One of the main elements of the roof – the wind board (another name – the wind bar) is one of these accessories.

This is a special bar, which is used for roof installation. Its main task is to prevent the intensive air blowing through the under-roof space. And also to give the aesthetic appearance of the roof eaves, to protect the attic space from temperature drops and the flying in of birds.

It reduces the range of humidity to a minimum, which allows maintaining the microclimate in the house, and helps to prevent shrinkage of the finishing cover.


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