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Length: 1200 mm
Wing Width: 250 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Weight:  5.2 + 0.2 kg
Specific gravity: 1.5 kg/l (1 sq.m is 2 times lighter than asbestos cement slate)

Color: red, brown, terracotta

The ridge covers the junction of the 2 slopes of the roof, protects the top of the roof and fences from rain.

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Product Description

Ridge (another name – a ridge detail).

It is designed to protect the top of the roof and fences from rain.

When installing the roof of the house, a ridge is needed in order to cover the junction of the two slopes of the roof.

When laying roofing material on the roof slopes, there forms a gap at the top of the roof. The ridge part is needed in order to close it. It insulates the joint, protecting the roof from leaks during the rain.

In addition, the part performs a decorative function, gives the roof a finished look, closing not so aesthetic edges of the roof slopes.

When installing fences made of keramoplast or brick, a ridge detail is mounted on the top of the fence.

In this case, the decorative function of ridge details becomes the main one.

When installing the roof, the ridge is installed last when all the roof sheets are mounted and fixed. It is attached directly to the roof covering and to the support board, which is under the ridge in the center.

Wings of the ridge parts prevent the ingress of snow and rain in the under-roof space, even in strong winds. In this case, the ventilation duct in the upper part of the ridge provides a limited airflow under the roof, which prevents the accumulation of excess moisture there due to condensation.


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