Grooved (galvanized) roofing nail
ALX_160702_385Grooved (galvanized) roofing nailGrooved (galvanized) roofing nail

Grooved (galvanized) roofing nail

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Dimensions: 89 х 3.4 mm
Amount in a package: 200 pieces.
Weight of packing: 1 kg

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Product Description

Grooved (galvanized) roofing nails are designed for fastening keramoplast roofing sheets and their components (wind and skate board) to the roof sheathing.

It is used together with branded (colored) protective caps, which are produced at the plant manufacturing keramoplast.

The total length of the roofing nail is 89 mm.

The diameter of the nail shank is 3.4 mm.

Each nail is grooved and protected by a special zinc anticorrosion coating.

Nails for keramoplast mounting are sold in a package of 200 pieces. The weight of each package is 1 kg.

When installing the roofing material, it is very important to achieve the correct interaction with the protective cap.

This will avoid violation of the fastening technology. Its sign is a badly closed cap.

A nail, being passed through the skirt of the cap, must be driven strictly perpendicular, without any distortion.

A cap of the hammered nail should fit snugly against the skirt of the cap. A loose nail may prevent the cap from snapping.

If the nail is hammered too hard, the skirt of the cap may become deformed. It may also prevent the cap from closing.

If the nail is not hammered perpendicular to the plane of the roof sheathing, the skirt of the cap will not fit snugly against the crest of the corrugation.

Consequently, the installer of the roof will have to punch a nail in harder. This will also lead to deformation of the skirt of the cap.

Read the installation instructions to get to know about the peculiarities of fastening keramoplast with roofing nails.


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