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Length: 1460 mm
Width: 890 mm
Thickness: 4.5 mm
Area: S = 1.3 sq. m
Number of corrugations: 6
Corrugation height: 40 mm
Corrugation spacing: 160 mm
Weight:  9.5 + 0.2 kg
Specific gravity: 1.5 kg/l (1 sq.m is 2 times lighter than asbestos cement slate)

Color: black, red, brown, terracotta

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Product Description

Roofing sheet “tile” is one of 5 kinds of keramoplast roofing sheet profiles produced in our plant.

“Corrugation cascade” sheets show unique mechanical strength, as well as all the other types of keramoplast. At the same time, they are easy to work with – they are perfectly mounted: keramoplast can be easily cut with any tool and shaped.

Roofing sheet “tile” is 6 corrugations and 6 cascades

This is one of the latest developments of our plant – this type of sheet was put into production in the spring of 2016.

Keramoplast “tile” simulates the laying of several rows of traditional roof tiles. However, unlike ceramic tiles, keramoplast “tiles” have several advantages:

Firstly, 1 sq. m of keramoplast is much lighter than 1 sq. m of ceramic tiles. This gives a serious saving on the roof sheathing under the roofing material. Keramoplast can be mounted directly on old roof sheathing after the removal of an old roof. This is not an option with ceramic tiles. This is perhaps the heaviest roofing material from the existing ones (only slate tiles can be compared to it).

Secondly, “tile” roofing sheets of keramoplast are very easy to install. All you have to do is just to look at the instruction on the site. Our roof can be mounted by any person who knows how to hold a hammer and a hacksaw. This will not work with ceramic tiles. They are very difficult to mount. Not every professional roofer has the necessary skills and experience. It is difficult to find such people, and it is expensive to hire them.

Thirdly, keramoplast is easier to mount because we manufacture the whole range of components: skating, wind boards and special nails with a cap for our roofing material.

Fourthly, ceramic tiles are only of one color – the color of baked clay. At different manufacturers it can differ only in shades (lighter or darker – this depends on the quality of clay available to the manufacturer, and features of its firing technology). So, if you want to buy a tile of a different color – you need keramoplast! In addition to traditional terracotta color of ceramic tiles, keramoplast is produced in 3 more basic colors: black, brown and red. However, the plant can make green, blue, yellow and white tiles on a by-order basis.

Fifthly, the main thing: keramoplast is much cheaper than ceramic tiles! Moreover, roofing sheets of keramoplast with tiles profile are much cheaper than other roofing sheets profiles, “corrugation”, “corrugation with a capillary groove”, “oblique corrugation” and “cascade”.


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