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Components for mounting keramoplast roofing sheets, windboards and ridge can be purchased both at the factory and at our dealers.

These are roofing nails and protective caps for nails.

Roof nail rolled (galvanized) is designed for fixing roofing sheets keramoplast and its components (windboard and skate) to the crate.

It is used in conjunction with branded (colored) protective caps, which are produced at the factory for the production of ceramic plastics.

The proprietary plastic protective cap is designed for mounting roofing sheets of all types of profiles (“wave”, “wave with a capillary groove”, “running wave”, “cascade” and “tile”.

The protective cap consists of a cap and a skirt cap with a nail hole.

The hat is designed to protect roofing nails from corrosion.

The skirt of the cap protects against leakage through the hole through which the nail fastens the roofing sheet or accessories (windboard, skate) to the crate.

Before use, the roofing nail (or screw) is threaded into the hole in the skirt of the cap.

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