The process of mounting

The process of keramoplast mounting

The installation of the material can be done by any person who may not even have any experience in this process. It is divided into the following stages:

    • Roof sheathing is mounted on the roof, and most often it is formed from wooden beams. The distance between its main elements should be approximately 400 mm. The wood must be treated with flame retardants and antiseptics, so that it is durable and reliable.

  • A calculation is made to determine the amount of the roofing material to be purchased. During this procedure, it is necessary to take into account the side overlaps.
  • Keramoplast installation can be performed by two different methods. The first one features an offset with respect to the previous raw in a half of the element. There should be the joint of the two sheets on the middle of each sheet. This way, you will not set 4 sheets with an overlap. The second method is called “chequy”, and it is considered traditional and simple enough. When using, it creates an overlap of 4 sheets.
  • Due to the number and sufficiency of positive parameters, keramoplast is used for many types of buildings. It is considered to be an ideal choice if you need to cover a large roof. Lower rows are laid first, and then – the lateral rows. Such a system is considered to be the most simple and affordable. There is no need to fasten keramoplast sheet immediately to the roof sheathing, because initially it is started with screws. As you finish laying a specific area, you need to make sure that the overlaps are accurate and correct, and only after that you can finally attach elements to the frame.

Basic peculiarities of laying

Here, we provide some tips that you need to follow while mounting the material. These include:

  • the bottom sheets should be fixed especially carefully; therefore, it is necessary to apply much more fastening elements for them, compared to other sheets;
  • it is recommended to use screws, not nails, for fastening;
  • after making a reliable and beautiful roofing, it is necessary to fix the ridge on the structure.

Thus, keramoplast is considered to be a high-quality, durable and reliable material which helps you get a beautiful roofing. It is easy-to-use and it has many positive parameters, so it can easily be laid on any roof on one’s own.