Keramoplast and hail

Egg-Sized Hail Beats All the Roofs in the Village, Except the Ones Covered with Keramoplast

“Egg-Sized Hail Beats All the Roofs” град и куриное яйцо

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‘Only two roofs – covered with Keramoplast – survived’ says a resident of Mostyshche about Kherson roofing material Keramoplast

June 20-21 evening and night, Carpathian region was struck by heavy rains with thunder and hail. In Ivano-Frankivsk region, the storm completely de-energized 45 settlements. Hailstones broke through the roofs, windows of houses and glass on cars.

In Korolov, even old-timers do not remember such a large hail. It was brutally hitting the village for about 15 minutes.

– My (and not only my) roof looks like a sieve. Holes are the size of a fist ((( It’s horrible… – said a resident of Vynohradove Yurii Sharkadi.  (Read more about this here and here).

However, the roofs of houses suffered the most. Only in Kalush district, according to the local district administration, at least 10 000 roofing sheets are required to restore them.

Not only slate, but also imported bitumen-based roofing and even ordinary ceramic tiles did not withstand the onslaught of bad weather.

Hail and strong wind tore the metal roofing like paper.

Hailstones the size of chicken egg beat the sheets of euro-slate through.

Thus, hail beat 16 roofs in Mostyshche village.

And only 2 roofs in Mostyshche village are as good as new. These roofs are covered with “Keramoplast” Ukrainian roofing sheets.

Ярослав Пукиш 2

Yaroslav Pukish, the owner of a house covered with Keramoplast, willingly said about this (Mostyshche village, Kalush district, Ivano-Frankivsk region):

“After the disaster we had: large hailstones, the size of chicken eggs, my green-color cover, as you can see now, managed to withstand.
пробитые крыши

In comparison with this roof (points to the neighboring house – ed.) made of slate, which received 12 holes – heavy ones – my withstood (Keramoplast -ed.): there are no holes or cracks, nothing. It survived winter as well. I live in Mostyshche village of Kalush district. Well, there are people who have it (roof covered with Keramoplast – ed.)  for already 12 years, in red color. It withstood the disaster as well. He was the first one in a village who had it (Keramoplast roof covering – ed.), and I was the second one. And I think to take it to cover a hut too”

Keramoplast is Ukrainian roofing material, which is produced in Kherson by “Polymer Group” plant.

We asked Volodymyr Lukianenko, the founder of the company “Polymer Group” to comment on what happened in Mostyshche:

“Volodymyr Vasyliovych, a resident of Mostyshche village told us about the “miracle” that happened to his roof. The house of Yaaroslav Pukish and the house of another resident of the village, covered with Keramoplast were the only ones in the village that have stood the bombardment with large hailstones. What is the secret of your roofing material?”


Volodymyr Lukianenko, founder of “Polymer-Group” company:

“The strength of Keramoplast is determined by its polymer composition, which includes ceramic and polymer components. Tear strength of Keramoplast is up to 140 kg per square centimeter. Its flexural strength is 238 kgf.

The strength of the sheet under static load of sand is 2000 kg/sq. m with 40 cm spacing of roof sheathing. As they say, if roof sheathing withstands, the covering will too! Due to its unique strength and elasticity, see (Volodymyr Lukianenko folds a strip of Keramoplast in half – ed.) how the sheet bends.

You cannot bend any roofing material like this. Therefore, when huge hailstones – larger than chicken eggs – hit it, they bounce elastically. Keramoplast, due to its elasticity, dampens the impact energy of huge hailstones. At the same time, metal tile roofing, slate, ceramic tiles, slate tiles and Onduline firmly lay on the crate without bending… and, consequently, they were simply broken and pierced by such unprecedented chunks of ice falling from the sky”.

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